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Fellow Pennsylvanians, welcome to where you can find out what’s new in the world of gambling in the Keystone State before you hear it anywhere else.

We love casinos, whether they’re online or the good, old fashioned bricks and mortar kind and we’ll keep you up to date on everything that has to do with casinos in our state. Whether it’s rules and laws or simply a story relating to gambling that we think you’ll like, you can read all about it at PennsylvaniaCasinos.

Apart from exploring the legal landscape and keeping you up to date with the latest developments, we will pay particular attention to what the best gaming avenues in the state are. Care to play with a great bonus, but not sure which one to pick?

That’s alright. At PennsylvaniaCasinos we will break down every individual offer to its building blocks and give you a thorough overview of why certain bonuses are better than others. Sometimes, you will want to play with just a bit of the bonus that the casino offers you, as you will want to clear the wagering requirements sooner rather than later.

Think you are missing out on a great promotion? Don’t worry too much about that, because we will have a dedicated team bringing you the hottest new promos that operators post online. There is a lot you can learn about all aspects of the iGaming experience if you stick around. 

We will review each individual new slot for you, tell you how to beat the casino at nearly all table games and provide you with a list of play-tested titles that offer a solid return. Want to shoot craps or find the best live games available in Pennsylvania? We’ve got you covered.

The PennsylvaniaCasinos team will research everything to do with gambling in the state so you don’t have to and everything will be presented here on our website. If it’s to do with casinos and gambling, you’ll find out all about it first at PennsylvaniaCasinos.

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Editorial Team

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Shane Lawrence

Shane is our Chief Editor. His pieces are analytical and drill to the bedrock of any problem you give him. A conscientious writer and a serious journalist, Shane is here to unpick any issue that might come his way. Most breaking news pieces are assigned to him as he manages to balance the immediacy of such reporting with our editorial policy’s chief tenet – to always strive to produce the most accurate report on events possible.

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Jessica Wayne

Jessica is a well-rounded journalist. Just like any professional person with a strong affinity for words she spends quite a bit of time reading and brushing up on her general knowledge, and gaming specifically. She loves to find inspiration in the works of her fellow colleagues and often does. Jessica’s a peaceful soul, but her writings leave searing marks.

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Jordan Tevez

Jordan is located in New York from where he’s following the latest legislative changes in the online gaming landscape. A keen sports fan and an accomplished journalist, Jordan produces meaningful pieces of text that help us build a trustworthy editorial policy. He has long earned the respect of our readers. Covering sports is another passion of Jordan’s, and you will see him penning the occasional piece on who won the game and more importantly – why.

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Luke Thompson

Luke always has a smile ready on his face. As a poker player and a dedicated writer, he’s got a few tricks up his sleeve. With the poker landscape changing quite rapidly, he’s our boots on the ground, following all developments with the utmost interest and reporting back to our readers. Luke’s big strength is that he doesn’t just write for the sake of reporting, he genuinely puts himself in our readers’ shoes, trying to make sense of an overwhelming inflow of information.

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Dimitrov Strauss

Heavy is the crown of the content manager, but Dimitrov plays his part well. He has an inspirational personality that drives us forward as a team. His unflagging zeal for quality reporting is a benchmark for every writer here. With a keen eye for details, Dimitrov will always help us improve on our writing and bring it to a standard that can serve as a shining example of quality reporting. He balances the long work week with weekend getaways in nature.

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Heidi Specter

Heidi is our Liverpool-based star writer. Though she has spent most of her life in the city, Heidi has become something of a globe-trotter in the past few years, an experience that has inspired her to pursue a career as a freelance writer. Thankfully, she has chose a niche that helps us push our editorial strategy forward. As a well-rounded writer, Heidi will be bringing you pieces of delightful and informative text, following closely on the latest iGaming developments in your state.

Latest Headlines

Pennsylvania Casinos Begin Closure Due to Coronavirus

As the recent coronavirus outbreak continues to spread across the globe, the United States is beginning to feel the pinch. A number of changes have already been implemented in a bid to deal with the issue. In Pennsylvania, one of the ways that are being used to combat the spread of the virus is the […]

Caesars Finally Launches Online Sportsbook in Pennsylvania

The Keystone State’s blossoming sports betting industry has welcomed yet another operator. After a very long wait, Caesars Entertainment, one of the most popular gaming brands on the planet, will be officially launching an online sportsbook after the soft-launch phase elapses. Caesars Online Sportsbook, the new digital sportsbook, launched its testing phase on March 10. […]

How to Keep the Betting Action Going in the NFL Offseason

The end of February marked the end of the NFL season and for the fans of the league, this marked the beginning of a rather dull offseason period. Now the huge gap between the NFL seasons can be quite frustrating because, aside from the games, the fans also miss out on other exciting stuff such […]

PGCB Recognizes March as Gambling Awareness Month

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) is now intensifying its efforts to promote gambling awareness in the Keystone State in a bid to protect its residents from gambling-related harm. By declaring March as the Problem Gambling Awareness Month, the state gaming regulator hopes to clean up its gambling industry and make it safer for both […]

Pennsylvania State Police Seize Dozens of ‘Illegal’ Gambling Machines

Lawmakers in the Keystone State are still in the process of reviewing the legality of “skill games” that have been rapidly spreading across the state. Their spread is so significant that the state lottery has raised concerns citing the fact that these machines are cutting into Pennsylvania’s ability to bring in revenue which is mostly […]