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WSOP 2018: Pennsylvanian Poker Players to Watch Out For

The 2018 World Series of Poker is almost here with the first bracelet events set to kick off on May 30. There is a lot of exciting things to look forward to including the chance to see our favorite poker players in action. Fortunately, the Pennsylvania all-time money list includes plenty of poker players that […]

Poker Players Alliance Could Fold Following Fundraiser Flop

The Poker Players Alliance’s fate is in jeopardy after the advocacy organization’s recent fundraising effort fell short of the mark. There is a possibility that the advocacy group will up sticks and leave after the very poker community it has been fighting for turned its back on the organization – of the $25,000 that the […]

Virtue Poker to Begin Token Sale in April

Virtue Poker, one of the world’s most popular poker networks announced on Tuesday that is would begin selling its own tokens on April 25. The poker network is currently powered by ConsenSys, the largest global blockchain technology development studio. The Virtue Poker system utilizes the power of smart contracts on Etheruem’s blockchain to create a […]

888poker Blames Market Withdraws for 2017 Revenue Decline

2017 proved to be quite challenging for 888 Holdings, something that was proven by the decline in year-over-year revenue that the company reported from 2016 to 2017. The company cited their withdrawal from Poland, Slovakian, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Australia markets among others to be the main reason for the decline. As such, if the […]

Pennsylvania Approves More Online Gambling Regulations

Pennsylvania inches closer to finally having legal online gambling in the state following some very impressive developments with the most recent being the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board’s Wednesday move to approve a number of groups of temporary regulations. All these regulations related to online poker and casino games in Pennsylvania. In addition to this, the […]

Poker Reads: Annie Duke’s ‘Thinking In Bets’.

In early 2017, Kit Cooper interview World Series of Poker champion Annie Duke. During the interview, Annie spoke of a number of exciting topics that would be covered in her then-forthcoming book ‘Thinking In Bets’ and these included the way during job interviews she provoked the job candidates to show their true selves so that […]

Celebrating March Madness the Poker Way

Nearly everyone has caught the March Madness fever. The annual series of tournaments for NCAA men’ basketball is one of the most followed sporting events on television. It is also one of the most successful gambling opportunities in the world right now. Now, poker seems to have been infected by the so-called madness with the […]

888poker’s LIVE Bucharest Main Event to Kick off On March 2

Yesterday (February 28) the 888poker LIVE Bucharest festival kicked off with the first of nine-value packed tournaments. Even though it cost only €230 to enter, at least €50,000 will be won during the Opening Event. The Opening Event will be followed by the eagerly awaited and amazing Main Event tournament which will cost £888 to […]