Poker Players Alliance Could Fold Following Fundraiser Flop

The Poker Players Alliance’s fate is in jeopardy after the advocacy organization’s recent fundraising effort fell short of the mark. There is a possibility that the advocacy group will up sticks and leave after the very poker community it has been fighting for turned its back on the organization – of the $25,000 that the organization needed to stay afloat, it was only able to raise $6015.

When the PPA made it public that it was experiencing financial troubles earlier in February, there seemed to be some level of support as a number of poker players were quick to share and retweet the announcements. Despite all this “support” coupled with the subsequent coverage by media outlets, the PPA fell miserably short of its fundraiser goal.

“2017 saw PA pass iPoker, and 2018 is primed to be our biggest year yet, but funding issues threaten to shut down PPA before we can even get started. PPA cannot continue fighting for poker if we do not raise $25K by 3/31,” read a Poker Player Alliance February 14 Twitter post that went ahead to get 12 retweets.

Is This the End of the PPA?

Naturally, without the funds required to keep operating, the group will have to go back to the drawing board and figure out the best way to move forward. That said, while it is certainly possible for the advocacy group to eventually recover, it will have to brave a very stormy atmosphere.

What’s Next for the PPA?

The PPA website clearly confirmed that the shortfall in contributions will have huge impacts on their services. While the organization might have a little of money set aside to keep the PPA flame on, it was clear that its days of “fighting for poker” would come to an end if it failed to hit the $25,000 fundraising target.

One of the potential areas where the group may be able to reprieve itself is in sports betting. A number of companies are eagerly awaiting the Supreme Court ruling that could legalize sports betting and the PPA could establish itself as a significant lobbying group for this type of gambling. In fact, it might even be able to secure the funds it requires to keep operating. Already, politicians are trying to devise ways of piggybacking poker legislation onto sports betting bills and this is what may make the PPA’s involvement relevant and justified.

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